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 permalink Monday, September 30, 2002
Welcome to the official Anacapa Website!!
Anacapa was released to the public earlier this month and the official site is finally up. Take a look around and we hope to hear from you.

What is Anacapa?

Anacapa is a lightweight, scalable and fast web server, focused on providing support to dynamically loadable business software modules. Anacapa is based on Abyss, with an implementation of the Apache API, currently Anacapa works on most Linux based systems.

Why does Anacapa Exist?

With the advent and popularization of new web services based technologies such as XML and SOAP, new demands have been put on current web servers. Most Existing web service software such as Apache isn't equipped to provide support for peer-to-peer communications between software entities. To realize the full potential this new web services based model of business practice, a lightweight, scalable and fast web server is needed. A server that has all the stability and open standards implementation of its predecessors, but is focused on providing support to dynamically loadable business software modules rather than focused on a traditional model of serving static content from a disk file hierarchy.

Get Involved!

Interested? You can help by:
  • Contacting us if you'd like to contribute.
  • Using it.
  • Testing it.
  • Submitting bug reports.

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